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Committed, Network, Insight

Premier Worldwide Venture focus on business development in the country of Myanmar. Besides generating wealth, we must also focus on the social and welfare developments of the local eco-system, ensuring sustainable and growing society.

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Striving Client Impaction

Premier Group of Companies is the leading business consulation company. We are now focusing in the business development in the country of Myanmar. As they are now opening doors to foreign investment and accepting open policy, this vast and untouch land lies so many development and investment prospect. Foreign companies are pouring in cash and investment, and we in Premier are to provide the expertise and consultations to the executives to help them make understand the local market better, and deliver a sustainable success that they desire.

We work with corporate industries in private, public and social sectors focusing on the development in the country of Myanmar. We have vast business and industry expertise as well as familiar with the logistics and geographical content of the country. We are strive for the challenges that important to our clients and of course, the world.

Our Skills

Business Consultation 90%
Legal Services 60%
Local Official Services 75%
Plantation Investment 90%
Food and Beverage 80%
Manufacturer 75%
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