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Plantation are the core business in this region.

Because of its share in employment and livelihood creation, plantation sector had supports half of the population in this region. It is also a important in its part of the eco-system as well as a source for raw materials for the industrial products.


Fertile Land

The landscape here are by nature a perfect for any kind of plantations. Waves of lush green fields with mist covered mountains in the backdrop, cool unpolluted winds carrying the drifting aroma of teas and cocoa.


Perfect Weather

Lies in the Asian country, the area had an adequate amount of rain water and are getting enough sunshine throughout the year. Free from any major weather disaster, the plantations sector had a guarantee good yield.



Drip irrigation will induce surface roots and epicormic branching. Nitrogen fertilisers will increase the nitrogen content of leaves. Initially larger leaves will increase photosynthesis and faster growth.

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